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10 ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

Refreshing the look of your bathroom doesn’t need to break the bank. In most cases, you can reach a very satisfying outcome, with little changes and added accessories like refreshed cabinets, smart storage solutions, and decorative accents can add character and style to your bathroom, without breaking your budget.

1. Clear the clutter

Start by removing the clutter from the counter top and other areas of the room. That on its own is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom an uplift. Place unused items in storage containers under the sink or drawer. A good investment is adding some freestanding or wall-hung shelves to your bathroom.

2. Replace fixtures

A simple and cost effective way to make some improvements to your bathroom is to replace the fixtures. Just by replacing the faucets with a more modern ones as well as a new shower head can easily change the look and feel of your bathroom. An affordable and easy way to update your bathroom, on a limited budget.

3. Update lighting

Lightning changes the ambiance of the bathroom. For a modern and contemporary look of your bathroom, replace your dated light fixture with something that is new and dramatic, like chandeliers or pendant lights. You can easily find lighting styles that meet the desired look and are totally affordable, and fit your budget and theme. Most importantly, avoid yellow bulbs and cold or fluorescent lighting.

Your best option is natural or simulated natural light in bathrooms.

4. Coordinate accents

Little things as little as coordinate colours can make all the difference. Create a harmonious colour palette by matching your cabinet doors with tiles and decorative accents. Adding towels, shower curtains, rug curtains and other accessories can also transform the bathroom into your own personal haven.

5. Restore the classics

Not everything should be replaced. Some parts like the tub, cabinet doors… etc. can easily be restored using spray paint resurfacing. This is a much cheaper option than replacing it with a brand new tub.

6. Update the tile

If you can’t afford to re-tile your entire bathroom, you may want to look at resurfacing with spray paint or cover with a rustic or modern rug, to improve the appearance with quite low cost.

7. Repurposed vanity

Turning an existing piece of furniture into a vanity can save you a lot. An old chest of drawers or a vintage table can easily turn it into a stylish vanity for your bathroom. Just ensure size and dimensions will work for the room, and it will give you enough basin and counter space for your needs.

8. Simple and stylish storage

A creative and stylish storage can make a big difference in a bathroom. Whether you use old wooden crates or bamboo baskets, as smart holders for extra toilet paper and rolled bath towers, you are adding a stylish touch which will add some character to your bathroom.

9. Refresh your shower curtain

Shower curtains can consume a large area of the bathroom visually and can be the perfect item to add some style to your décor. So be selective about the shower curtain you select. Make sure the material, and the colour are matching the colour palette of the rest of the accessories, tiles, cabinet… etc.

10. Frame your plain mirror

In the bathroom, mirrors need to be highly functional and fit within the overall décor. You can either add a frame around your bathroom mirror, or replace it with a more stylish one to give an unique look and style.

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